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Sunday, November 05, 2006

World Fantasy- Last day in Austin

It’s my last night in Austin and I have to say that I had a blast here at world fantasy. I met some wonderful people and I wandered around the autograph event collecting the ones I could in a small note book.

Now why did I do that? Why wasn’t I taking part in the signing myself?

Well quite frankly I promised myself that I’d take part in the signing from next year onwards. I’m right now caught between being an author and an editor for Under the Moon. I love both sides, I can’t imagine not being a writer and eventually I’ll be in a position where one of my books is accepted by a larger house.

Let’s be quite frank here. I’ve been writing professionally for only three years now. So I have 17 books/novella’s out on sale. They are small press and ebook so for the most part mean very little if anything to NY and I’ve no idea how an agent will look at my successes. And yes, they ARE successes to me.

I have three in print with Magic Carpet Books, which gives me a track record for contemporary erotic romances. I have a reasonably decent sales record considering that the books came out through a house that does zero marketing and I was very new to the game when they were originally released. I am constantly trying to improve my knowledge about the business of writing and selling books.

Will I make it to NY one of these days?

Yes, I believe so. It might not be this year. It might not be next, but I’m at the point of starting to pursue that dream a little more closely.

I have one story in mind, I think it’s the right one to try with and if nothing else I’ll have taken that terrible step out into the world.

That’s right. I’m nervous. Miss I can take on the world is actually nervous. Of course I am. My writing, my ability to query, my 98% acceptance rate… that’s all about to be challenged at an entirely new level. You bet I’m nervous but if I don’t try it now do you know what will happen, I’ll come up with another reason to delay trying. I’ll stay comfortable in my little world of small press and ebook houses.

So I’m going to double check my research on queries, the correct way to go about it. Finish my research into the agent I am going to query and then get the query checked by an editor I’ve worked with on occasions as well as Scott.

So am I ready?

I don’t know but damn I plan on finding out.


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