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Thursday, October 19, 2006

So Where Do Things Stand

Well the reviews are coming in steadily for Scars- and for the most part they have been very good indeed. Loose ID has proven to be a wonderful company to work with and I hope to continue to work with them in the future.

My membership folder for the RWA arrived today. For some time I held off joining the organization but it seemed like something that I needed to do now. Now that I’ve seen the information on the site under the members section I can say it might well pay off for me. There are also a couple of internet chapters for special interests that I will be looking at joining next year.

Several of my reclaimed stories have already found new homes. Winters Sweet Kiss, A Small Lesson and Ettore’s Women have all been accepted by Renebooks for their Sizzler line. Mojocastle has accepted Eternal Slave/Eternal Priestess under the new combined name of Enslaved by Blood. Green Dreams has also found a home there.

Ruby Kisses has been submitted to Phaze though I understand that I might have quite a wait there.

Play for Me, which was in the cue with eXtasy books but was never looked at, has been accepted by Triskelion for their new Fever shorts line.

Not Just a Mom, which was in the cue for eXtasy has a home with Lady Aibell.

So there are a few others I need to re-work and submit, including Beast Within, To Tame a Heart and the Eternal Wars. Though Eternal Wars as it’s set in the same universe as Astaria will more than likely end up with Under the Moon. I also have Pride of the Tavern, Fire and Steel, and A Touch of Magic to re-write and find new homes for. So I’ll be working on those in between writing new pieces.

Currently I’m working on a contemporary sensual romance, with a plus sized heroine. I’ve got about another week of work to put into the manuscript before I submit it, and then it’s a case of finding a good home for it. I’ve got a feeler out, to see if one company might be interested, if not I there is one other publisher who might take a look at it.

I’ve got several now waiting in the cue, or ready to be released, with Mojocastle. Deed Wife has been through edits. Enslaved by Blood might be coming out for Halloween, Insatiable Desires, Green Dreams and His One- Book One, are all in the cue.

Renebooks now has London, Winters Sweet Kiss, Dangerous Desires, Ettore’s Women and A Small Lesson all in the cue. So they certainly have enough to keep them going for some time. However I have a fair idea that To Tame a Heart will end up being submitted to them before the end of the month. That one shouldn’t take me too long to re-write for Sizzler. There’s also the serial I had with Bethany’s, Punished by Moonlight. It needs some work and rounding out but it would fit well with Rene.

So that’s where things stand currently.

Basically speaking I have seventeen books, of varying lengths, now on sale and I’m due to have another seventeen released over the next twelve months, which gives me time to work on some longer manuscripts without causing there to be too many months without a release, or some new level of exposure.


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