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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Under the Moon and Claudia Christian

As many will know Under the Moon is a small press that I co-own along with my husband and also Daniel Scott Palter. UTM is an imprint of Mr. Palter’s company, Final Sword Productions and through that is linked with Ad Astra Games, which currently has David Weber’s Honorverse license.

You’ll also know I wasn’t happy with the goings on at Valleycon, except for a few events/people at the convention. One of the guests was Claudia Christian, Babylon 5 star, talented actress, singer and as it turns out, a talented if new author. Thanks to luck and a conversation at the right time, Claudia Christian is now taking part in a couple of writing projects for Under the Moon. Including a story in issue two of Forbidden Love, which will be released in February. has the details and will be updated with more as time goes on. The links to the store are also there, and please don’t be confused, yes the store link is Honor Harrington.

We are also doing two artwork shirts for Claudia, the first one I hope to have on sale before Christmas, and we are selling her ‘Once Upon a Time’ CD.

Now for a personal fun part for me. One of the shirts has sparked off an idea and as such Claudia and I will be working on a novel over the coming months. We don’t have a title yet and we are in the basic brain storming side of things right now, but it’s going to be a lot of fun indeed.

Onto the Honor Harrington side of things. We’ve just launched a Jayne’s Guide for the HH universe with a second one to follow. These are in pre-order status and Mr. David Weber has contributed to these books so you will find his name is on the front cover as one of the authors.

If you’re interested in learning more about the shop the link is

I’ll have more updates before the end of the week with further good news about just what’s going on in my life and that of the company.


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