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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Iridescence Blog Tour- June 28th 2006

Five Questions from Jolie du Pre, editor of Iridescence, for Terri Pray, author of After the Door Closes

1. Why do you write erotica?

It was all my husband's idea (Don't you just love being able to blame someone else) I'd written short stories before but never erotica. Unless you count erotic scenes in text based rpgs. But he had this great idea that I should take part in an erotic flash fiction competition so as a giggle I went for it - and came in joint third place. It was for Katy Terraga's site, which I think is now gone. Either way I had a blast and decided to see what else I could write. Since then there has been no stopping me.

2. What do you like best about lesbian erotica?
There's something beautiful about writing scenes between two women, but once you get past that, to the story, it's the emotions involved. After all, who understands how a woman thinks and feels better than another woman?

3. What is the theme of your story After the Door Closes in Iridescence: Sensuous Shades of
Lesbian Erotica?

Lisabeth and Shayla run a sex toy store together, and they have been life partners for some years. But even a committed couple has to remember to seize the moment and enjoy life, find the spark and enjoy those delicious sensual moments together. Even it that means closing the store and having a little fun...

4. Name some other books where we can find your work.

You'll find my work all over the place, from contemporary erotic romances in Barnes and Noble (Whispered Secrets, Sweet Deceptions and Focused on Love) through to shorts in the Forbidden Love series and ebooks with, and more! I also have stories coming up in Superquerioes and a lesbian erotic romance with Mojo Castle called Green Dreams!

5. Just for fun! Gym Shoes or Stilettos?

Gym Shoes. Heels EVILLLLLL. Seriously, anything more than a 3/4 inch heel and I'm crippled.

Terri Pray


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