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Thursday, February 28, 2008

This weather needs to end

Storms, storms, snow, storms, and more storms. I'm tired of winter and truly do want it to end. It's almost March and we're not seeing any sign of it letting up.

Oh well.

Sam's going to head into the office tomorrow, all being well, as we've got books to ship out, and I'm only a couple of thousand words away from the novella I'm working on being completed. We're also working on a game together that should be good to go by April.

I'm exhausted and I know I haven't been keeping my blogger updated. Part of that has been ongoing issues with logging into the damn thing. But that seems to be under control now.

I'm coughing again. This is also pretty normal for me. My lungs are not the best and the constant changes in weather are basically doing me in. I can have a few days without a cough or cold in the harsh winters we have here, then another one will take a step into my life and I'll be back to muttering something evil about the weather and drinking the cough medication to try and get it under control again.

Ho hum.

Oh, publishing news!

I have a new contract with Cobblestone Press.
Loose Id has released Scratching Post (earlier this month)
Renebooks just released the 6th in the For Hire series.
Dark Eden Press is about to release Play for Me.

Between single titles and stories in anthologies I now have 51 books out, 52 on the 1st March. By the end of this year I'll have 75 titles out!

To say I'm thrilled about this is an understatement.

Well, the coughing is under control and I'm off to bed.


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